The Changing Seasons: January 2017

The Changing Seasons is here again. Like they say: “new year, new possibilities”, or perhaps you’re one of those people who don’t want to get out of your comfort zone? In that case: “New year, same, same”. Either way you’re welcome to join this challenge that will run throughout the year.

Havnelageret, Langkaia 1, Oslo.

Havnelageret, Langkaia 1, Oslo.

How you interpret “the changing seasons” is all up to you: a painting or perhaps a digital manipulation? One photo, a gallery with plenty of photos? Photos of the same place each month or different spots? A recipe (with an illustration photo that you’ve shot), your aging face, your declining health? Street, flash or portrait photography?
Be creative or don’t.

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Meeting another blogger

Sunnysphotoart wrote a comment in one of my recent posts where she mentioned that she was going to Oslo. This was a great opportunity to meet, so we wrote a couple of emails and met up in Oslo. She’s been here many times before, so she basically knew all the major downtown attractions, but still we went for a walk and talk downtown where I shared some of the history I know about the different sites and attractions. Here’s a few photos from our walk:

Thanks for a nice walk Sunny!