B&W Challenge 5-5: Anita & Magda


Anita & Magda

The wonderful Ksenia has challenged me to post black & white photos for the up-coming five days. It took me a few weeks to notice that I’d been challenged, but better late than never!

In return I nominate Patti Kuche @ nylondaze.wordpress.com

In order to take this challenge, you must post B&W photography for the next five days, and each day nominate another photographer to enter the challenge. Good luck!
(Needless to say, but of course you can also choose to not participate or to do it later if it doesn’t fit your current schedule).

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Anita Sikorska Gallery

Random collection of photos from a photo shoot with Anita Sikorska.

These were shot in an old fort. We set off some smoke bombs, used reflectors and flash and took advantage of the sunlight at the time around sunset. We had to work very quickly because of the sun and the smoke.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Here’s my second entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Check out yesterdays post about the Metaphysical Rabbit Hole if you want to see my previous WPC entry.

Anita Sikorska by CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com

Anita Sikorska by CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com

This is a photo I shot of Anita Sikorska. She works as a model – mostly in Poland where she’s from, but she’s also doing work internationally. You can check out her official Facebook page for booking, more photos and info: https://www.facebook.com/anitasikorska.modelka