Mountain Silhouette

I shot this mountain silhouette photo in January/February 2014 when we were in Alta, Norway.


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Impressions from Alta II

Here’s the second gallery of photos from Alta. These are shot with my Canon EOS 600D. Like I mentioned in my previous post, the EOS 600D had difficulties handling the white balance at the ice hotel, while the Canon Ixus 130 reproduced the special light & colour pretty accurately. The greenish colour in yesterdays posts is therefore more true to reality than the blue you’ll see in this post.

Canon EOS 600D versus Canon Ixus 130

You can see that there’s a huge difference in how the two cameras registered the colours in this artificially lighted ice hotel.

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Impressions from Alta

IMG_2412As you know from my last post, we recently went for a visit to Alta. I’ve separated the photos in two galleries. The first gallery is photographed with my Canon Ixus 130 pocket camera. The second gallery is shot with my Canon EOS 600D – which is a much better camera than the pocket one – but, interestingly enough, when we were at the ice hotel Sorrisniva, my EOS600D couldn’t handle the white balance, no matter which settings I used. So in this first gallery, the photos from Sorrisniva have more correct colours than in the second gallery.
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The Northern Lights Cathedral & Sami Clothing

The Northern Lights Cathedral

The Northern Lights Cathedral

We were attending a baptism and had to go for a trip to Alta, a city in the Northern part of Norway, approximately 500 km north of the Arctic Circle.

“Alta is considered the northernmost city in the world, with a population surpassing 10,000.” (Wikipedia). In Alta they’ve built a new cathedral: The Northern Lights Cathedral – Alta Church. The new cathedral is one of 3 churches in Alta and it’s replacing the old white wooden church (Alta Kirke) that was built in 1858. The old Alta Kirke is, as far as I’ve heard, the only house in Alta that wasn’t burnt to the ground in 1945 when the Nazis fled Alta. As a natural result of this, all the houses you see in Alta today, has been built after the second world war ended in 1945.
The Northern Lights Cathedral is designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects in cooperation with Link Arkitektur.
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