Stave Churches in Norway: Hedalen Stave Church

As some of you might know I’ve already written a post about the Norwegian Stave Church Høre. In my previous post you’ll find some general information regarding stave churches (and of course also about Høre), so if you’re interested in the subject you’ll hopefully find that post useful. First of all: Hedalen stave church can easily be confused with the similar named Heddal stave church, but these are two different stave churches and accoring to Captain Obvious they are to be found on separate locations. Hedalen stave church, which this post is about, is located in Sør-Aurdal, Valdres – in proximity to the main road called E16.
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Norske Stavkirker: Høre Stavkirke

I flere tiår nå har jeg lovet mine lesere et innlegg om stavkirker og endelig, etter lang ventetid, her er det: Den samme helgen som vi besøkte de gamle Leinekvernene dro vi også for å se noen stavkirker. Ettersom de alle ligger i nærheten av hverandre, tenkte vi: «Denne helgen har allerede utviklet seg til å bli en helg fylt med eldre, norsk, kulturhistorie, så hvorfor ikke gå for en overdose?» Så, jeg presenterer herved det første innlegget om norske stavkirker (hvis det blir for mye å lese for deg kan du nyte bildene):

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Stave Churches in Norway: Høre Stave Church

For decades now I’ve promised my readers a post about Stave Churches and here it is: The same weekend that we visited the Ancient Grinding Mills at Leine, we also went to see some Stave Churches. Since they are all in the proximity, we figured: this has already turned out to be an “old Norwegian culture weekend, why not go for an overdose?” So, I hereby present the first presentation of Norwegian Stave Churches (if it’s too much to read for you, just enjoy the pictures):

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The Ancient Grinding Mills at Leine, Valdres

There are many different types of grinding mills and many types of materials processed in them. Historically mills were powered by hand (mortar and pestle), working animal (horse mill), wind (windmill) or water (watermill). The grinding mills at Leine are water powered and situated next to a creek called Leineåne. There used to be 13 grinding mills at Vennis, but most of them were destroyed during the big flood back in 1860. Here you can see photos and read about this old Norwegian history. Continue reading