Yule Preparations & Oxtail Soup


Oxtail Soup & Yule Decorations.

This Friday some family members came for a visit and a sleepover and on Saturday they were baby sitting, while we crossed the border over to Sweden to do some shopping for Yule/Christmas.

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Thai-style Oxtail Soup

Rub the tiger balls for good luck

Rub the tiger balls for good luck

I had a visitor from Australia this weekend, which not only meant that I had to be a good tour guide and show him the city where I live, but also (as any responsible host would have done) that I had to feed the bastard… (I’m just kidding of course: he was great guest, and he wasn’t born out-of-wedlock, which means that he couldn’t have been a bastard).
So, after being this hectic weekend, are you ready for the recipe?

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Libyan soup (Shorba Libya)

A painting by the Libyan artist Awad Abeida (www.libyanet.com)

A painting by the Libyan artist Awad Abeida (www.libyanet.com)

If everyone on Earth should have the same consumption as an average citizen of Libya, we would need 1.8 planets to live on (if you compare to Norway the figure is 2.3, USA 5 Source: Globalis.no – 01.01.2012)

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Where Moses spotted the Holy Land

A while back we were on a journey through Jordan. Don’t misunderstand now: I’m not trying to present myself as a member of the somewhat dubious club of footballers Teddy Sheringham, Dwight Yorke, or Dane Bowers (from the gay ‘music’ group Another Level). I’m not trying to say that I have been to see a leading and profitable brand business with Nordic focus in oral hygiene, cleaning and painting tools, that with the help of knowledgeable staff, innovative products and extreme retail expertise are consumers ‘and retailers’ favorite. Oh no. That’s not what I am saying.
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Maroccan Fish for Jewish New Year

There’s still some summer left to enjoy and the school year has barely begun when the Jews are getting ready to celebrate Rosh Hashana – the Jewish New Year which is celebrated during September / October, depending on the Jewish calendar. Continue reading