Selv-portrett med sønn i Kavl

Selv-portrett med sønn i kavle.

Selv-portrett med sønn i kavl. (Self-portrait with son in Kavl)

En kavl, eller en fløt, blir brukt til å holde fiskeredskaper som garn, line og not flytende. Kavler kan være av tre, never, bark, glass, kork eller plast. Source: Wikipedia

“Glass floats, glass fishing floats, or Japanese glass fishing floats are popular collectors’ items. They were once used by fishermen in many parts of the world to keep their fishing nets, as well as longlines or droplines afloat.

Norway was the first country to start production and use of glass fishing floats around 1840, many of which can still be found in local boathouses. Christopher Faye, a Norwegian merchant from Bergen, is credited for their invention. The glass float was developed through cooperation with one of the owners of the Hadeland Glassverk in Norway, Chr. Berg.

The first time these “modern” glass fishing floats are mentioned is in the production registry for Hadelands Glassverk in 1842. The registry shows that this is a new type of production.

The earliest evidence of glass floats being used by fishermen comes from Norway in 1844 where glass floats were on gill nets in the great cod fisheries in Lofoten. By the 1940s, glass had replaced wood or cork throughout much of Europe, Russia, North American, and Japan. Japan started using the glass floats as early as 1910. Today, most of the remaining glass floats originated in Japan because it had a large deep sea fishing industry which made extensive use of the floats; some made by Taiwan, Korea and China. In Japanese, the floats are variably known as ukidama (浮き玉?, buoy balls) or bindama (ビン玉?, glass balls).

Glass floats have since been replaced by aluminum, plastic, or Styrofoam.”  Source:


Hotel Room Hallway

This is a re-make of an old photo that I’ve posted before.

Hallway at a hotel in Terceira, Azores, Portugal

Hallway at a hotel in Terceira, Azores, Portugal

My response to:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

In general my life is lacking symmetry these days (as you can see in the last photo with the all the cardboard boxes and the mess): I’m moving (again), so blogging is set temporarily on pause/given low priority. Expect more (and hopefully better) photos and posts as soon as things have settled (probably around April). In the meantime I’ll keep the Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons running as usual. IMG_5174


Life suddenly turned into a mess…





Photo Galleries | Random 2014

I thought that I’d recycle – it’s environmental friendly, plus there’s not a lot of traffic during the holidays, so posting new stuff is useless anyway. Enjoy these two photo galleries with random shots uploaded in 2014.

January – May:

June – December:

These are my plans for 2015:

  • The weekly Sunday posts in my secondary blog won’t continue (only 2 or 3 of you will miss those posts, so it won’t be a big loss).
  • Instead I’ll do a couple of guest posts in other blogs, and..
  • … I’ve been thinking about starting a monthly challenge that will give you a diverse set of pictures for your portfolio.
  • I might (or I might not) finish one of my neverending projects (The digital drawing of Alice in Wonderland).
  • Hopefully I’ll publish the next article in the History of Tattoo (I think I said that last year too, so don’t get your hopes up).
  • And of course it’ll be business as usual: participating in weekly photo challenges, posting a photo now & then, here & there.

Stilleben Window Post


In the window at a restaurant in Poland.


This is a leftover photo that I was thinking about posting for the #Photo101 challenge that took place last month. Now Lucile has started a Photo101 rehab, so I can post this leftover shot.

It was taken with my crappy pocket camera that only shoots jpeg’s, so in terms of post-processing the options are way more limited than a RAW file. In Lightroom I darkened the highlights, brightened the shadows, increased the contrasts, added some mid-tones (clarity) and darkened the edges to bring to attention towards the center of the photo. Then I exported it to Photoshop where I added a lens blur.

Photo101 Wrap-up

The Photo101 month is over. I’ve already posted a gallery with some of my favorite shots on the second weekend of photo101. Now it’s the last weekend, so here’s another gallery (I made sure not to choose the same ones as last time).

We’re only here for a moment


We’re only here for a moment.

The theme for #photo101 today is Moment. We’re only here for a moment, try to enjoy it while it lasts.

Here’s a tune from that a friend and I played in my mom’s funeral (which was not the one on the photo above). I guess the best way to describe the tune is classical guitars.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

As some you know, I’m participating in WordPress #photo101 project (hosted by @cherilucas, @michelleweber, @jenhooks & @rootjosh). So far I’ve posted something every day (we have the weekends off) and for me, that’s an achievement. Since achievement is the theme for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week, I thought I’d present to you this gallery with some of the highlights from the past two weeks. If you want to visit the original posts, just scroll through the blog and you’ll find them.

Twist: Tourist in Your Own City

Every year the city council of Oslo arranges something called «Tourist in your own city» (turist i egen by), where everyone & anyone can get a free ticket for basically every cultural institution in the city. The ticket is valid only for that day and you can also travel on public transportation for free. This year we participated and went with the passenger ferry to a couple of the museums on the peninsula (Bygdøy in Oslo).
We visited the fram museum, the maritime museum and the folk museum.

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The Robert Santafede Mystery

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the works of the photographer Robert Santafede. In July 2012 the activity on his website and all his other online profiles (Google+, twitter etc) came to a halt and since then he’s been silent. I’ve tried to contact him through email, his website, facebook and Google+ without any luck.

Robert Santafede - too dark park

Robert Santafede – «too dark park»

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Travelling India

Know-All’s Box and myself had a conversation in his blog and it made me remember this song that I recorded with my friend Sjur 7 or 8 years ago. That’s when I decided to make a slide-show with some photos and the song. The lyrics are a mix between English and Hindi, with a few Hebrew words here and there – If there’s any wishes for it, I’ll include the lyrics.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


They’re all empty inside, yet they’re all inside – looking out.

Here’s a link to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge where you’ll find more entries for this theme: Inside.

Links to my post are appreciated, but if you’re posting 10+ links and I’m one of many, I won’t be posting your trackback in my blog.

The Sign Says

Weekly Photo Challenge at WordPress this week: Share a picture of a SIGN and explain why you chose that picture!

More signs:

New Toys! ND16 Filter and remote

Just came back from the shop after buying some new toys: a ND16 filter from ProZigma and a Hähnel Giga T Pro 2 remote. I’m looking forward to play with my new toys!


With the ND filter I can change the aperture or exposure time by four steps.

EDIT: Here’s a couple of shots taken with the ND16 filter. Now I don’t have to wait until the sun goes down before I can capture the movement of the trains.