Gunn from Trondheim.

Street Portraits of Gunn

Gunn had some awesome tattoos, so I asked her if I could shoot some photos of her and post them in my blog. She obvisouly agreed. Gunn is from a Norwegian city called Trondheim and if I remember correctly, she got her ink at Purple Pain Tattoo. I believe that she also mentioned Flaming Heart…

The History of Tattoo - Part 3: The Indians

The History of Tattoo – Part 3: The Indians

Originally this was written as a school assignment about Body Art Among the Natives of America. If I’d followed a chronological order this article should have been published in between my previous two articles (you’ll find them both here:, but it simply didn’t cross my mind until afterwards… From my first article in this…


Tattoo in progress (Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands)

“Hands can be instrumental in a photo – they emphasis, they hide, they reveal. Share a picture that has a HAND in it with everyone!” – WordPress.  Related articles The History of Tattoo Part 1: Polynesia & New Zealand ( Photos of Tattoos Wanted ( Manicure Hands ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands (


Photos of Tattoos Wanted

Hello Dear reader/fellow blogger. I’m writing some articles about the History of Tattoo, and I thought it would be nice to illustrate the series with images from fellow bloggers (or their friends) tattoos. Perhaps you/your friend want your tattoo featured in one of the articles?