WPC: Weightless


Self-portrait on bike.

For the WPC Challenge: Weight(less).

Apropos bikes, here’s an old photo that I posted back in March 2013:

Funny Turkish guy I bumped into several years ago.

Funny Turkish guy I bumped into several years ago.

New Looks


Paula recently redesigned her blog and this inspired me to do the same. I’ve had the same looks here for 6 months or something and felt that a makeover would be refreshing. Besides, it’s not like I’m redecorating the house or anything – a new look for the blog is just a few clicks away.

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Bicycle in the Rain

Not only riding a bicycle in the rain, but riding a bicycle in the rain while photographing…


f/2.8 |1/20 sec | ISO-400

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Dyke on Bike

As I mentioned in my previous post I was on my way to do other photo errands as I stumbled upon the gay parade and changed my photo plans.
This Dyke on Bike was one of the people in the parade that I was lucky enough to encounter several times.

She had such charisma: the way she carried herself it seemed like she owned the street.

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Bicycle Maintenance

Bike Awesome Poster found on internet

Bike Awesome Poster found on internet

Maintenance of your bicycle is very important if you want to keep both your bike & yourself healthy. By keeping the your bike clean it’ll last longer, because the gravel & dirt that sticks to the different parts will eventually wear them down. Two days ago I changed the cassette on my bike because the cogwheels were worn down. While I was at it I also changed the brakes, brake wires & chain.

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