Horta – Azorean Islands – Portugal

Horta, Portugal: A couple of years ago we went to visit the Azorean Islands of Portugal. Since then I’ve had these photos in a “waiting to be published” folder on my computer. Today I figured that it was about time to post them in this point&shoot gallery:   Horta (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈɔɾtɐ]) is a single […]

A small taste of Horta (Azores)

Here’s a small taste of Horta. The photos are shot around Terminal Maritimo in Horta, Faial Island, Açores, Portugal. As always when you’re on holidays, it comes to an end and you realize that you have to return to your horrible daily life where your pointless job eats up most of the time and days. People […]

The Nights Watch

One night while I was exploring the streets of Horta, I came across this statue and took 3 bracketed shots with my Canon EOS600D (EF50mm f/1.8 II lens) at f/1.8, ISO 100. Now, three years later, I finally sat down and processed the images. It took me a while, but I like the results so […]

Açores Photo Gallery – Faial Island

The photos in the following gallery were shot in the area near Terminal Maritimo in Horta, Faial Island, Açores, Portugal. f/1.8 | 30 sec | ISO-100 (of course you can click the image for a large version) I’ve posted many of these before, but I’ve re-edited the photos in this gallery.

Mirrored Curves

There’s a fantastic photo of Melbourne over at pdf34.wordpress.com – curves. You should really go check it out! It’ll cost you only a click and a few seconds. I decided to join in on the “Travel theme: Curves” that wheresmybackpack started. At first I was planning to post an erotic and suggestive B/W photo, but  I realized that it […]