The Changing Seasons: February 2018

February and it’s time for a new post for «The Changing Seasons».

Barcode, Oslo.

February is a cold month and we were lucky enough to have some nice ice skating conditions for a while. Now it’s all snow, so instead of ice skating we’ll have to go cross-country skiing.


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19 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: February 2018

  1. Nice hockey weather! I guess you are having a real winter? Ours come for a few days, then it get warm and it goes away, though it’s supposed to be back in a few more days. Right now, it’s short sleeve warm outside, but it’s supposed to sleet on Sunday. I don’t ever remember a time with less to photograph than this past month. Really dull, dull, dull. Just grey naked trees … and mud.

  2. Love hockey, although here it’s usually indoors. Watching the Olympics, both my husband and I wish we still had our cross-country skies, although all our snow disappeared in the rain and warmer temperatures of the last two days. Back to winter temps today, though.


    • Hockey is fun to play: I’m not good at it at all, but I just love being on the ice. I haven’t watched any hockey or cross-country skiing in the Olympics. The only thing I’ve followed is figure skating and it has been amazing with several new world records.

  3. Is that a frozen lake in the middle of a town? Awesome images; especially those with the glint of sunshine. I’m totally hopeless on ice; my one experience of skating left me with a bunch of bruises and a long-standing relationship with a chiropractor. 🙂

  4. Well your post is certainly proof that spring is not heading your way anytime soon. From my perspective, it is a beautiful winter wonderland but I am certain you are looking forward to Thailand. I especially adore your ice skating pics 😍

  5. Love these Max- the ice is amazing to see. We only have indoor rinks here- not like when I grew up and there were outdoor places to skate. Your son is adorable

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