If you try to google translate brøytestikke, you’ll get a gibberish answer. This is one of those bamboo sticks that they put along the roads during winter, so that the guy who drives the snow plow can see where the road is supposed to be. In this case it was covered in frost.



6 thoughts on “Brøytestikke

  1. Our snow plows ignore everything. I don’t know what they call those things here, but we have them too. Ours have reflectors on top. But the snow plows take them down every time. They will also take down your mail box and your car, if it’s nearby. Nice frosty picture. We have a big snowstorm on the way for tomorrow. No idea how much. None of the meteorologists seem to have any idea. It depends on whether the storm veers left or right.

  2. I am pleased to discover here an email address for you that I could not find on your website. I request permission to use your excellent VÃ¥lerenga Photo with an advocacy piece around freeway policy that I am circulating via Facebook and LinkedIn. Our freeway construction policy in Michigan and in the US as a whole has been deadly for many urban neighborhoods. I contrast the decision to tunnel under my grandparents’ neighborhood in VÃ¥lerenga with the destructive impact on a parallel working class neighborhood in Detroit where a church similar to to VÃ¥lerenga Kirke was closed just this past weekend as the final consequence of freeway construction through the parish. The church had initially sponsored my 20 years of community development work in that neighborhood. Truth be told, I already used your picture (with full attribution) in the Facebook post, but with LinkedIn being a more professional posting, I used a less effective picture of my own.  I would be fine with paying an affordable fee for the use of your photo. I had a wonderful experience walking around VÃ¥lerenga in August and created a photo album about the day.  It was the emotional high point of my two weeks in Norway that started at the Tromsø location of my other grandparents’ homesteads. I would be glad to share my albums, but I do not have your photography skills. I have worked 50 years in Detroit in church, government and community development roles and did my political science doctoral dissertation on violence in American cities.   Dennis Nordmoe (I’m on Facebook and LinkedIn)

    • Sure Dennis, I looked it up on Facebook and I have no problems with you sharing my photo on Facebook and LinkedIn. You don’t have to pay me for it. It would have been different if you represented some company who used it for marketing and making a profit, but in this case I think it’s nice too see that you are interested in my neighborhood and I’m happy with being credited as the photographer – that’s payment enough for me. 🙂

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