The Changing Seasons: August 2017

August – late summer/early autumn. The days are shorter, it’s getting darker and colder, but despite of some warm and sunny days: the summer is getting cornered.


Here’s my gallery for The Changing Seasons this month. Spent some time on the countryside to visit family and relax with my kid. Quality time.

The highlights this month:
– Draisine trip.
– Made a lot of jam: blueberry, strawberry, redcurrant, blackcurrant, red- & blackcurrant, raspberry. Should be enough to last through the winter.
– Saved my neighbors apartment from catching fire.

More photos in my Flickr Gallery:

In Memory of Gunhild.

Gunhild Narud (Gunhild Sørensen) 1978 – 2017. You’ll be deeply missed.

Even though the gun wasn’t invented until centuries after the Viking era, the word comes from Old Norse. The most common usage was in the female name Gunnhildr: gunn and hildr both can translate as “war” or “battle”. Only truly badass Vikings named their infant daughters “Warbattle”. –

What’s this «Changing Seasons» blogging challenge?

«The Changing Seasons 2017» is a blogging challenge with two versions: the original (V1) which is purely photographic and the new version (V2) where you can allow yourself to be more artistic and post a painting, a recipe, a digital manipulation, or simply just one photo that you think represents the month.
Anyone with a blog can join this challenge and it’ll run throughout 2017.
It doesn’t matter if you couldn’t join the first month(s), late-comers are welcomed.
These are the rules (want the full introduction? Click Here), but they’re not written in stone – you can always improvise, mix & match to suit your own liking:

These are the rules for Version 1 (The Changing Seasons V1):

  • Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons
  • Each month, post 5-20 photos in a gallery.
  • Don’t use photos from your archive. Only new shots.

These are the rules for Version 2 (The Changing Seasons V2):

    • Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons
    • Each month, post one photo (recipe, painting, drawing, whatever) that represents your interpretation of the month.
    • Don’t use archive stuff. Only new material!

TheChangingSeasons_6367You can download this photo and use it as a widget on your blog if you’d like to. If you look in my right menu, you’ll see that you can click the image and see all my posts that are related to this challenge.

Links to participants:

53 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: August 2017

  1. A lot of things happening in August! I love the eclectic mix of wildly different photos. Also, great info on Viking naming – so fierce! – and wow, chicken fuck. I had no idea…

  2. That first shot is awesome. And the others are pretty great too. I’m impressed by your jam-making. Something I love to do, but don’t cos no one else eats it and there is only so much jam one person can consume 🙂

      • That’s true. We have a little park at the end of the road with lots of plum trees — left over from when it was an orchard. There is a kind of unspoken pact amongst the neighbours that no-one takes too many plums from the tree, and we do often gift each other jars of plum jam and sauce.

  3. I am comforted to see I’m not the only one who hasn’t spent the month taking artistic photographs. Garry needed to go back to NY to help clean out his parents old house. Meanwhile, we’ve needed to deal with major home repairs and improvements … which wasn’t what we had hoped to be doing with our summer. Good news is that our best friend from Arizona will be here tomorrow and I’m hoping he can stay into the autumn … because for me, we are just about to enter the best part of our year.

    I used to make jam, but we don’t eat enough to make it worthwhile. It was fun and I used to enjoyed it a lot.

    I am sorry about your friend. Losing friends is so painful.

    • I didn’t make any efforts to take any artistic photos this month: only snapshots with auto settings, plus some basic editing. I agree that autumn is better (for photography), but I love the warm days! (warm here is never “too much” anyway, just comfortable).
      Losing friends is very painful indeed and this loss was devastating.

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  5. Summer definitely cornered, Max, but some great captures from your neck of the woods. Especially striking first shot. Also love that you saved your neighbours’ apartment, (those were great photos too) and the notion of badass Vikings with girls called WarBattle. Many commiserations for a lost friend.

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  8. There’s no question that summer is wrapping up … the mornings and evenings are outright chilly now.
    Your photos show a month well-spent – my favourite is the boat on the shore with the still water behind it. For me, that shouts summer!

    Gunhild was someone who was obviously very special to you. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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  11. Lovely collection, as always, Cardinal. If I *have to pick favorites, I’d vote for the train tracks (love, love, love everything train related) and the bubble (because it feels magical against that dark backdrop). Hope September treats you wonderfully!

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  14. Your image Såpeboble has so much more meaning for me now that I’ve read your subsequent post. I will carry that image in my minds-eye always.

    August in Oslo looks like late September in Chicago. Autumn comes early to Oslo.


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