It’s always nice to be published in print. The internet is fun, but there’s something special about old media too, looking through a magazine with your photos or works in them.

Musotoku – Tattoo Power Supply

Back in spring 2016 I was interviewed for a Japanese cooking magazine and since then the journalist has been busy traveling, but about a week ago I got the printed version in the mail.

Yesterday I got a book in the mail. The book is written in Bengali and was published in time for the Kolkata Book Fair in January this year. It has a couple of my illustrations in it.
I had completely forgotten about the whole thing, so it was a nice surprise to get a book in the mail.

An article that I wrote for ScanBike Magazine about Thailand Tattoo Expo was published on the first of June. I must admit that I was hoping to get more pages and sent enough material for a 4-page coverage, but you know: time and space… Anyway it was nice to get it published, even if it was only one page.

During the winter some of my photos were published in an info folder that comes with MUSOTOKU’s tattoo power supplies.

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