Bangkok Security

As you probably already know, I was in Bangkok not long ago. Let me tell you that they beefed up the security when I visited Bangkok. They even put handcuffs in my hotel room, just in case…

Outside the royal palace.

The good news for those of you that follow my blog (but are not really interested in tattoos), is that this post marks the beginning of a bunch of street / travel photography posts from Bangkok. Let me start with this small gallery depicting the psecurity (psecurity – cause it’s all in your mind) measures in Bangkok:

Still not feeling secure? Don’t worry, you’ll never be safe anywhere. Maybe this will make you feel better?:

21 thoughts on “Bangkok Security

  1. I feel more secure already. 🙂 When I went to Europe in the seventies, Franco was still in power in Spain, so there were lots of guards/army with machine guns at the ready at certain places. That did NOT make me feel more secure and it was quite different from what I’d experience growing up in Nebraska and traveling around the US! At that time, too, anywhere near Northern Ireland seemed to have lots of soldiers with guns.


  2. I’m not even going to think what those handcuffs in your room were for… 😉
    Great photos Max. You probably loved Bangkok, I have only been once and found the humidity hard to cope with. But some lovely temples.

  3. You stayed in a prison that is now being used as a hostel?! That is so cool. It’s funny, but just this afternoon I was at a meeting of an outdoor group that talked about staying in a prison/hostel in Ottawa while on a cycling trip. That I should hear about it twice in one day is too cool.

  4. The tattoo photos I enjoyed, showing a lot of culture I was not aware about before. Looking forward to your work, regardless of the subject! The handcuffs makes me wonder……… 🙂

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