Thailand Tattoo Expo 2017 – part 4

Bangkok is pretty awesome!

Here’s a handful of the people I’ve had the pleasure of shooting at Thailand Tattoo Expo.

You can find more photos from this and other events here:
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Blog: (you're here already)
Flickr: (plenty of photos from around the world)
Instagram: @cguzmanofficial (photos with IG  filters)

This has been the last post from this event. You can see part 1, 2 & 3 plus a whole lot more on the tattoo page of this blog.
The full abum from this event is on Flickr:

Buzzcocks – “Love you More”

I’m in love again
Been like this before
I’m in love again
This time’s true I’m sure

Don’t wanna end up like no nine day wonder
I’ve been hurt so many times before
So my darlin’ I will never leave you
It’s in my blood to always love you more
Love you more

It’s my heart again
That drives me so wild
I just can’t explain
Although I’m not a child

So why would I cry if you ever left me
Maybe ‘cos you’re all I’m livin’ for
With every heartbeat I want you madly
It’s in my blood to always love you more
Love you more

Oh my love again
What I say is true
Though it may sound plain
I love you

And it means more to me than life can offer
And if this isn’t true love then I am sure
That after this love there’ll be no other
Until the razor cuts


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