Linas Tattoo Convention 2017 – Part 2

Enjoy part 2 in my series of posts from the excellent Linas Tattoo Convention.

Yann Brënyàk

Yann Brënyàk

Like I said in the previous post I feel privileged to have met so many awesome and talented people at this convention. Huge thanks go to Ingrid & Grisha Mutschler for organizing the event, Stephane Loudin for showing me around and generally being awesome, Nessa Puskas for giving me free ink and being super cool, plus the party crew on Saturday night (you know who you are).

Also I’d like to thank Zia – it’s always a pleasure to hang out. plus Natcha, Matthieu and Manuella for the ink.

For Paula’s B&W Sunday and WordPress Photo Challenge:

Check out the full album from the convention on Flickr:

13 thoughts on “Linas Tattoo Convention 2017 – Part 2

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  3. Great portraits. Gotta say, Ajarn Matthieu looks so much like my son’s godfather I did a total double-take. The GF is totally uninked, so the image messed with my head wonderfully there for a second 🙂

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