Akrobaten Bro & Poor Gays

Akrobaten Bro: Went on a photo walk and made a new acquaintance here the other day.

Akrobaten Bro. Photo: Niclas Halvorsen

Akrobaten Bro. Photo: Niclas Halvorsen

Akrobaten Bro

Niclas contacted me via Instagram (@cguzmanofficial) and we decided to go on a photo walk the next day since he was visiting Oslo. The photo above was taken by Niclas. For approximately 4 hours we walked around and shot photos. I’ll share my photos in my next Changing Seasons post, plus a few more of Niclas’ portraits of me is scheduled to be published on artishorseshit.wordpress.com in the beginning of February.

Niclas was a friendly guy and I appreciate that he took the initiative for a photo walk. We’ve worked with some of the same models through mutual contacts, so we had a lot of photo related subjects and experiences to talk about.
That was the Akrobaten Bro part of this post, now over to the second part:

Poor Gays

Who are these poor gays and how do I know them? I met the poor gays via couchsurfing. Dominika came to visit me twice: first with Laura, then later with Aleks.

Aleks: She's, in her own words, "attracted to things associated with sadness" and I think that's 
beautiful. Aleks and I have a lot of cultural references like films and TV-series in common, 
which of course means that she's awesome.
Dominika: A beautiful red head. She knows Korean. A lot of people knows Korean. 
According to Wikipedia approximately 80 million people worldwide speak Korean, but Dominika is 
from Poland and not a lot of Polish people speak Korean. Dominika has visited me twice. 
We had a lot of quality conversations together about studio Ghibli movies, art and life in general, 
she's very comfortable to be around and not only that: she's the most talented gong player I know!
Laura: Laura masters the art of third-wheeling and she's, like the others, an amazing & wonderful 
person. Happy, positive, funny and extroverted. Official Third Wheel™  – looks like Arya Stark, but 
didn’t watch Game of Thrones.

This magnificent trio travel around a lot and they write about their travels in their blog. If you’re into traveling, reading about traveling or just enjoy travel photos, I recommend that you visit their blog.

Here is an excerpt from their latest post. Of course I have no idea who they’re writing about (such a mystery…), but they surely make him seem like a nice person:

«Max hosted us in his flat in Oslo two times now, and both of those times were amazing! More recently when we were there, he decided to play on his guitar for us and sing songs in order to make our stay at his place more pleasant. He is not only a talented musician but also a song-writer and he played us his own music. It was one of the most pleasant evenings we’ve had and it made us feel at peace.»

What are you waiting for? Go check out their blog:

Niclas has a portfolio too:


9 thoughts on “Akrobaten Bro & Poor Gays

  1. A man named Max who lives in Oslo and sings and plays….hhhmmmm. Sounds like an interesting chap. I wonder who he could be.

  2. Interesting stories to read.
    So many connections through the Internet. That’s awesome.
    I guess this Max from Oslo is an excellent host. That makes the visit to the city more appealing!

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