Resilient Retrospective 2016


Here’s my resilient retrospective post for the last photo challenge I’ll participate in this year. I didn’t shoot all these photos in 2016, but I edited and posted them in 2016.

Enjoy the gallery!

Here’s 3 songs that I uploaded to YouTube in 2016:

I’ll end this post with some stats. These were links, but since none of you will click the links anyway, I decided to just write the titles of the posts. All posts were published in 2016:

Most Visited – Top Five

  1. The History of Tattoo: Part 5 – Japan
  2. The Titanic Afterparty
  3. Interview with tattoo artist Zsofia Belteczky
  4. The Changing Seasons – January 2016
  5. Titanic International Tattoo Convention 2016 Part 1

Least Visited – Bottom Five (some of these had more likes than visitors)

  1. Manuella Ana – Salon International du Tatouage
  2. Vodka skull BW
  3. I Remember
  4. Mask 4715
  5. The Local Skatepark

Goodbye 2016. #GFY

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

23 thoughts on “Resilient Retrospective 2016

  1. As always, wonderful pictures. And as always, your pictures of Israel make me instantly nostalgic … and oh, the coffee. I don’t have a Hebrew alphabet on this machine, but “cafe afooch” was an addition and I have never found anyplace in the US where they make it like they did in that little cafe on Derech Hevron, down the street from where we lived.

    Happy New Year! We survived 2016 and that was no small fear!

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  3. I’m speechless for once, or almost. It seems that this year has finished with a bang… I’ve enjoyed your music very much and your gallery ( It was good to see the three generations and the Man at Yale again), and videos. This is without doubt the most complete and entertaining blog that I have been visiting. Ggodt nytt år, Max! Be well!

    • This is a heart warming comment Paula. Well, my heart is stone cold so all it takes is a tepid breeze really 😀
      Thank you very much and all the best for you in 2017!

      • I hope to stay as tepid throughout the next year too. Cruel people at my work have turned my heart into stone to 😉

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  5. oh, I loved that Feliz Navidad song, you are overflowing with energy there, and look like a pirate who has lost a tooth :D)) jk…

    God jul og godt nyttår, Viking 🙂

  6. The photo from Ringedalsvatnet is still on the list of favourites and the slideshow of the Changing Seasons is still brilliantly done.
    You have so much creative talent, I’m looking forward to more in 2017 🙂

  7. Fantastic post and collection of images that show what a creative photographer you are, Cardinal. Happy New Year and wishing you a great year ahead.

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