ऋषिकेश Rishikesh

Rishikesh, India. ऋषिकेश

Rishikesh, India. ऋषिकेश

This is an old photo. It was shot back in 2005 when I spent a few months in Rishikesh, India. I’ve done quite a bit of work on the photo.
Rishikesh was a great place to relax.

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16 thoughts on “ऋषिकेश Rishikesh

    • It is – once you get used to the 3 same mantra songs playing on repeat all over the place (plus all the people and the hustle and bustle that’s everywhere in India). 😀

    • Yes, after you learn how to ignore all the garbage that’s literally everywhere on the streets and all the pollution.
      Rishikesh is close enough to the source of Ganges, so the water is still clean there, but the further down the Ganges you travel, the more disgusting the river becomes.

    • Rishikesh is a “holy city” for the Hindus, so you can’t buy any meat or alcohol there. A lot of Hindus go there on pilgrimage and bring ‘holy’ water from the river Ganges, back to their villages.

        • The next city is also some sort of holy place, but in between the two places there’s a strip along the road where you can buy meat, eggs and alcohol – I guess you can call it some sort of Indian version of Las Vegas – so, all the backpackers, plus some locals, went shopping there. Plus India is full of ‘holy men’ that sells drugs, so basic human necessities were covered. 😀

  1. And I was going to ask if you went there again. I love the still water surface and the structure in the hills draws my eye further into the landscape. Beautiful place, beautifully captured.

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