Tattooed Girls at Warsaw Tattoo Convention 2016

Meet some of the beautiful, wonderful, sexy, lovely girls/women/ladies I crossed paths with at Warsaw Tattoo Convention. If you would like to see all my photos from this convention, follow the link to Flickr after this gallery.

See the full gallery here:

I don’t agree, but some people might use the word Transmogrify (“To change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.”) to describe tattoos. Transmogrify is the theme for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week. You can see more entries for that challenge if you visit WordPress:

12 thoughts on “Tattooed Girls at Warsaw Tattoo Convention 2016

    • Yes, it was a bit difficult, I agree. Luckily I could use it as “some people might think”, if not then I’d probably have to create something with Photoshop.

  1. Man I just checked out your stuff on Flickr of the Warsaw Tattoo convention and it is simply brilliant! Right now I cannot put in words how I feel but you brought the humanity to the personal side of getting a tattoo. Not sure that was what you were shooting for but there are so many stories with in these captures and if that was your goal you nailed it man!

    • Thanks for the comment and thank you very much for checking out my Flickr gallery. Much obliged!
      Instead of only capturing photos of tattoos, or of tattoos being made, I tried my best to capture some of the scenes that are unfolding: candid portraits and people’s faces while they were getting inked.
      Next weekend I’m heading off to a convention in France where I’m going too shoot a bunch of portraits of one of the artists, plus I’ll get some new ink (I also got a couple of new pieces at this convention in Warsaw).

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