7 thoughts on “p1050323

      • Funny. I thought so. I asked my daughter (22 years old), what does that look like to you? She said…’mom, that is a penis.’ Blah ha ha. I thought so but wanted another person’s view. That is the second penis art. Are they common in the area? The penis art, not the actual penises. I ask since it would be rare to see that kind of art in public parks in the US. There would always be some outcry from someone. Heck, some folks have “balls” hanging from their truck beds and some communities have banned them as offense. So, I am guessing a cock’n’ball swan would make those people faint and die. Ha!

        • I guess you can say that they’re both common in this area, with penises being way more common than penis art. There’s this cock’n’balls swan and then there’s another cock’n’balls sculpture at Ekeberg (that I’ve posted a photo of in one of the last months “changing seasons” posts), plus there’s Frognerparken / Vigelands park, which is full of dicks.
          For people in Europe it seems like many people in the US are offended by every little thing, like they’re actively searching for things to get offended by. It’s hilarious to see it from the outside.

          • LMAO-that is a lot of penis going on there. Yes, America seems to be the land of personal offense. It gets a little old and the need to be “politically correct” on countless topics is exhausting. I just wish people would calm the heck down. Not every comment, picture, etc is a personal offense. Yet, some seem to think everything is about them. When more often than not…no one has thought of them at all. So chill people. Geeeeezzz.

          • Yes, they need to calm the fuck down. Here’s a clip of stand-up comedian Steve Hughes talking about being offended. I’ve shared this clip several times before, because it’s just spot-on:

          • Yes, I so agree! I joke with friends saying, Um, I think they need to bring it down to level 2 instead of 28. It must be exhausting to be upset and offended all day, everyday and over everything. I will have to check it out! Thanks. 🙂

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