A Walk Through Praha – Part 2

More shots from Praha: street photography, night shots, portraits… Random generic stuff.

Did you miss part one? That’s because it’s in my other blog (the one that you probably don’t know about):

After you’ve checked out my other blog, you can have a look at Jo’s blog:

28 thoughts on “A Walk Through Praha – Part 2

  1. Superb again! You’ll have the whole world flocking there! 🙂 🙂 I love that opening reflective shot. Those are becoming a trademark for you. It’s great observation. Many thanks for honouring me with the link.

  2. Fantastic images from Prague! I have been there only once, it was a rainy week in October/November, with quite bad weather, but the city was still amazing. I really enjoyed seeing your collection here!

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  4. I love seeing a city I’ve visited through another photographer’s lens. So many great images and views I never saw. Your photos make me want to go back.

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