Instagram for Android is a Joke

Blogging about blogging: As some you are aware of, my fruity device couldn’t handle the Norwegian climate and became rotten, which meant I had to spend some of my hard-earned cash on a new phone. Obviously I didn’t want to get another fruit phone, so I went for a weather resistant Android phone.

One thing I quickly noticed with my new Android phone is that when I share photos to Instagram via Flickr, the quality is total shit.

First I upload my photos to my Flickr account then, on the Flickr app on the phone, there’s an option to share the image on Instagram. This app works for both Iphone and Android. On the IG app for Android you have the option to enable or disable High Quality uploads, but even the so-called High Quality is, at best, a pile of feces. Instacrap.

I did a web search with duckduckgo (because they don’t track your searches like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, etc, do) and quickly learned that this issue isn’t a new one: the post I read was more than two years old and they still haven’t fixed it!

My original image on Flickr.

My original image on Flickr.

Here’s one of the articles I read about the same issue:

Check out the full Flickr album with night shots from bangkok here:

14 thoughts on “Instagram for Android is a Joke

  1. Interesting. Though I have to admit I haven’t used Flickr for a long time it is good to know, because I also got a new Android recently.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear this, CG … that your fruit phone rotted! Number 7, which will be released in a few days, is water resistant 🙂

    It would be hard to switch to Android now … I’m too far gone, but if there wasn’t any other option, you deal with it I guess.

    Regardless of everything else; it’s a lovely photo!

  3. I don’t use Instagram — yet. I say “yet” because for a long time, I didn’t use Twitter, either, but now I do. I used to use Flickr and then stopped. I didn’t like the complete absence of any security at all and I still don’t.

    I also won’t use a phone for this stuff. I know I’m a dinosaur, but in the first place, my eyes aren’t good enough and the size of a mobile phone picture is too small for me to judge its quality under any circumstances. So. I upload from my laptop. I may, eventually, decide to give it a try on one of the tablets … but it’s just so much easier from the bigger machine.

    I have an android phone too. Not, however, one of the exploding battery kinds.

    • On IG you can’t upload from your laptop, only from your tablet or your phone. I agree that it’s more comfortable to use a large screen. You can’t really judge a photo on a phone, it’s just too small.

  4. I have my Instagram post to Flickr but not the other way around. Sorry you’re having tech issues. I love your night reflection. Very cool shot.

  5. It sucks. 😦 From time to time I upload on Instagram (I’d prefer a desktop upload too) but via Instagram Android app. I haven’t been aware of those issues.
    Great photos. 🙂

    • Thanks. The app works fine when sharing a photo from the phone, but when you share via Flickr, that’s when it all goes bad… I wrote IG about it, so hopefully they’ll come up with a patch.

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