23 thoughts on “Flora

  1. Well, I was just going to observe that this looks so much like the Prague underground. The fact that it *is* the Prague underground explains it. There’s a public transport station called Flora in each self-respecting town here.

    • Unfortunately we don’t have a Flora station in Oslo. It’s because Oslo is a self-loathing village.
      Just kidding of course. People in Oslo spread this disgusting “Oslove” slogan all over the place like it’s a fucking virus – on stickers, blackboards and graffiti. My guess is that most of the people that are doing this, are hipsters that aren’t originally born in Oslo, but have moved here from other small villages.

      • Oslove is actually cute. But it does sound like something that pretentious people and foreigners would say. I’m a foreigner, so I’m allowed to use it.

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