Featured in a Japanese Cooking Magazine | 素材のちから

This was a great surprise to wake up to today!
In this gallery you’ll see excerpts from a Japanese cooking magazine for professionals (素材のちから), where I’m featured in an article about wild versus farmed salmon. My insanely tasty gluten-free bread is also mentioned.

There will be another article published later that’ll probably have some of my recipes in it (?), but I’m not sure when this will be published. I’m not sure if the article will be a portrait or recipe based either. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Tons of respect and thanks to Romi Ichikawa for the article.

I just have to visit Japan some day, I love Japan!

Japan. Endless Discovery.


54 thoughts on “Featured in a Japanese Cooking Magazine | 素材のちから

  1. Oh wow! When we made the deal that I’d grow food and you’d cook it for us, I had no idea I was making a deal with a magazine worthy pro!

  2. Congrats! I’m mildly envious. And especially envious of Amy, for whom you’ll cook 😉 Now, will you excuse me, I’m going to cook me some disgusting soya.

  3. gosh your’e a man of many talents. So tasty gluten free bread, now that is rare, is the recipe there? I would love to give it a go and havn’t found any tasty gluten free bread, so far they all taste like cardboard, not that I’ve eaten much of that. Congrats btw x

  4. Congrats!!! I would say no surprise, but I’m just surprised for it to be about food. A man of many talents, a man full of surprises. Is there an English version? Ahihihi 😀

  5. That is really freaking cool! The magazine looks amazingly designed and has beautiful food porn. I have to assume the recipes are pretty top notch too but I don’t know Japanese to read them. Congratulations! Not many people can put that on their resume or blog!

    • Thanks Michelle. There’s a lot of recipes in the magazine, but this article was about wild salmon versus farmed soya salmon.
      I believe she’ll write about some of my recipes in a later article.

      • OOOOhhh. Sorry. Now that you mention it, I think you DID say that. Blonde moment. They happen from time to time.

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