I’m not sure if that’s the best solution…

kill them all

kill them all

On Friday I was thinking that I’d go out and take some new landscape photos this weekend, but the weekend has been grey, wet and cold, so an executive decision was made: stay at home. Binge watching won this round…

I didn’t want to post a standard landscape photo for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week, so I chose this photo of the National Theatre building in Oslo. “Kill them all” was a play at the theatre.

The National Theatre in Oslo (Norwegian: Nationaltheatret) is one of Norway’s largest and most prominent venues for performance of dramatic arts. – Wikipedia

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46 thoughts on “I’m not sure if that’s the best solution…

  1. Theatre, music, writing, drawing and pretty much every creative form are landscapes in themselves…landscape of the human race and world in a sense. Very clever interpretation of the challenge, Cardinal. Hope you had a good time at home this weekend.

    • You’re right, creative landscapes are also landscapes. I like your way of thinking Miss Mabel.
      It’s been a good weekend: gym on Friday, gym on Saturday, gym on Sunday, plus a lot of binge watching and cleaning the apartment. What about you, what have you been up to this weekend? Anything exciting?

      • Sounds like you had a big landscape of a weekend, C. Cleaning the apartment is always good. You feel productive afterwards 😀 Nothing exciting for me this weekend. Not feeling the best and have been sitting around for most part. Also did the watching and got groceries for the week.

  2. That explains it, that it’s a play title. Reminds me of Joseph Conrad’s line “Exterminate all the brutes!”. But since you don’t see plays, I don’t recommend that you read Conrad’s Heart of Darkness either.

  3. This photo is really striking because of the people reflected in the surface of the sign.

    I’m glad it was the title of a play and not some social commentary … although perhaps the play is a social commentary, or maybe just a tirade against the upcoming mosquito season.
    I’m digressing, I think I need a nap.

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