You’ll find a lot of panoramic images online and they’re mostly depicting beautiful & scenic landscapes or stunning cityscapes.  Photos that try to make the world look like this beautiful, magical place, making you think “Oh, I wish I was there to see it myself”, or “What a wonderful place”. We all know it’s false advertising.

Dump-o-rama / Dumporama
Dump-o-rama / Dumporama

‘Dump-o-ramas’ or ‘dumporamas’ are totally different. It’s all about dumps: garbage, crap, decay. All the shit that the tourists don’t see or don’t want to see, the least visited places, the shameful shit. Places that you’d normally just pass by quickly…
When the creative mastermind Mara Eastern started shooting panoramic images of places that look like a dump, I quickly decided to follow her lead and I loved the idea.

Dump-o-rama / Dumporama
Dump-o-rama / Dumporama

There’s nothing fancy to it: very little or no photo editing at all. The two dumporamas in this post were shot with my phone and the only processing I did was applying an Instagram filter to one of them, then I re-sized both photos in Paint – which is a basic, garbage photo edit software that comes pre-installed with Windows.

I posted my first dump-o-rama 10 days ago in my other blog (an internet dump with approximately 4 active readers) and that’s why this post is called “The continuation of Dumporamas”.

Make sure to check out Mara’s dumporamas:

In other news:

I started a web shop a few days ago. Here’s the latest addition to it: a motive of the Oslo Opera. On the site you can choose between a large range of items.

English site (prices in EURO):
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