The continuation of Dumporamas

You’ll find a lot of panoramic images online and they’re mostly depicting beautiful & scenic landscapes or stunning cityscapes.  Photos that try to make the world look like this beautiful, magical place, making you think “Oh, I wish I was there to see it myself”, or “What a wonderful place”. We all know it’s false advertising.

Dump-o-rama / Dumporama

Dump-o-rama / Dumporama

‘Dump-o-ramas’ or ‘dumporamas’ are totally different. It’s all about dumps: garbage, crap, decay. All the shit that the tourists don’t see or don’t want to see, the least visited places, the shameful shit. Places that you’d normally just pass by quickly…
When the creative mastermind Mara Eastern started shooting panoramic images of places that look like a dump, I quickly decided to follow her lead and I loved the idea.

Dump-o-rama / Dumporama

Dump-o-rama / Dumporama

There’s nothing fancy to it: very little or no photo editing at all. The two dumporamas in this post were shot with my phone and the only processing I did was applying an Instagram filter to one of them, then I re-sized both photos in Paint – which is a basic, garbage photo edit software that comes pre-installed with Windows.

I posted my first dump-o-rama 10 days ago in my other blog (an internet dump with approximately 4 active readers) and that’s why this post is called “The continuation of Dumporamas”.

Make sure to check out Mara’s dumporamas:

In other news:

I started a web shop a few days ago. Here’s the latest addition to it: a motive of the Oslo Opera. On the site you can choose between a large range of items.

English site (prices in EURO):
Norwegian site (priser i NOK):


36 thoughts on “The continuation of Dumporamas

  1. I love a good dumporama, well done Cardinal and all best with the web shop. Will check out Mara’s site. Also, loads of great dumps over on Tumblr – that don’t really look like dumps but just your everyday view of everywhere. Which is to your point.

  2. Bravo, and to Mara as well. I have often thought how we as human beings, blink to shut our eyes as our gaze passes over the ugly parts and how we direct our gaze to the pretty bits. Our whole lives are directed to this. Who wants to live next to the sewage farm or the rubbish dump? Our wholes lives are directed to divorcing ourselves from the realities as much as possible.

    • Good point David: we’re constantly trying to distance ourselves from the ugly truth. In photos, in movies, books, the news. Everywhere.
      It’s time to embrace the ugly. 🙂

    • I grew up next to a nuclear plant – not exactly a dump, but a peculiar site still – and though I hate to admit it, I used to play in a local dump as a kid. Apparently, I survived and I retained my love for rubbish. So I’m the weird person who turns away from beautiful sights in search of something more real.

  3. How often haven’t I thought like that … what you said about beautiful photos … “ahhh I wish I was there, to see it for real”! We have so much ugliness around us too, and in some twisted way, dump photos can be beautiful too, in their own way. I thought of that when I saw the first one Mara posted …

  4. I’ve long suspected I have this significant *organization* gene. I look at photos like this – or scenes in real life and immediately begin to envision what it could look like … if only …
    There is so. much. potential in that first photo!

    I know, call me Pollyanna …

    • I think that there are some plans for the area in the first photo. Other parts of the block has been under construction the last couple of years and they’re working on the other side of it now. The building in the background is new.

      • A new development in development 🙂

        We’ve done enough reno projects at home to know that things always look much, much worse before they get better.

          • It’s called progress :/
            Here it’s a case of foreign money, particularly from China, flooding the market and driving up real estate values, making the dream of home ownership wishful thinking for the vast majority.

          • Home ownership is unfortunately wishful thinking for me too. You’ll need two incomes to be able to deal with it, so I’m stuck throwing my money out of my (rented) window… It’s a shame for me, but most of all for my son.

  5. I’m getting increasingly envious of your dumporamas. I’ve been trying to shoot some in the last few days but it never turned out very well. Too much distortion, especially when I stand too far from the subject. I love the way you edited your photos though — it didn’t occur to me at all that I could (and maybe should) transform the dumporamas from wide-angle into “normal” proportions so they could be viewed more comfortably online. Lots to learn yet about the art of rubbish.

    • Yes, the longer you make them the more distortion. Phones aren’t meant for taking photos (but still such an easy tool to bring along). I’ve been more and more lazy lately and I hardly take any photos at all. I’ll probably stick to phone dumporamas for a while. The tiny amount of effort and the actual time spent on it, suits me fine.

      • I took a dumporama of dumpsters the other day – because obviously, dumpsters are meant to be turned into dumporamas – and now I’m on the lookout for more dumpsters so I could make a whole blog post of these… These days I’m always perversely delighted when I see a row of dumpsters.

        • I’ve also been noticing all the shit in my city in a different way lately:
          “Hmmm…. Is this a good or bad dumporama type of shit?”
          Sometimes the dump (or the garbage/the wore down area) can be suitable for a dumporama, but the background has to match. For example there’s this construction garbage site near my gym, but the background is new and fancy, so I decided not to shoot it…

          • There’s no crime worse for a dump-o-ramist than when a lovely filthy scene of decay is destroyed by modern redevelopments in the background. I may or may have not been considering the other day moving a particularly moving row of dumpsters to the side so as to get rid of unwanted background.

  6. I do try to show a range. Sunrise is beautiful, but our town with all the roads torn up? Not so much. I don’t remove high tension wires or potholes, though sometimes I clean up actual trash because it’s not my favorite foreground imagery. Sometimes, the most jarring thing is the contrast between incredible beautiful juxtaposed with human trash. Sad, too. Because so much of what was pristine and perfect has been trashed.

    • I don’t remove high tension wires either: it’s too much work and besides this is the world we live in. That’s how it looks like and let’s not play pretend: the societies that humans have built and are forced to live in is basically an ugly place. Not only when it comes to physical garbage, high tension wires etc, but the whole monetary system, the pollution, the huge corporations that are enslaving us all.
      If you look behind all the postcard perfect places, the world is basically a disgusting place and so is our societies.
      #happythoughtsoftheday 😀

  7. I could take many dumporamas around my town. I wish you the best of luck with your new business. It sounds like a fun idea!

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