Kjærlighet – Love on a shirt?

For some years I’ve been thinking about printing my own designs on t-shirts and things like that, but I’ve never gotten around to actually doing anything about it until yesterday, when Allan (themofman) left a comment in my blog and indirectly gave me the little push that I needed (thank you Allan).

So far I’ve only uploaded two versions of the same design: one with black & one with white text, but I’ll be adding more stuff later.
I’m not sure if it’s possible to change the language, region and currency to your preference (I’d be grateful for some feedback on that), but feel free to browse my shop.

Norwegian shop (NOK):

English (EURO):



Clothing for women


Clothing for men


Clothing for kids


Design on other products


29 thoughts on “Kjærlighet – Love on a shirt?

  1. Amazing, Cardinal. Now you are a businessman in the making. Easy enough to navigate though I don’t understand any of it. That’s where Google translate comes in. Lovely to see the shirt comes in different colours 🙂

  2. so cool, that was the word meaning Love, right? that’s an awesome idea actually 🙂 I already liked one of the models for me 🙂

  3. Hi Cardinal,
    great ! I ❤ it. Looks like goods quality. How about some graphics with Camera, lens etc. I would love it.
    Waiting for more designs and then will order some 😉
    Cheers Angela

  4. Cool. I’ve been considering some new designs with embroidery but my analysis shows me that I don’t yet have the market for the expense. More work to do.

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