Budapest Tattoo Convention 2016

A tattoo convention is the place where you’ll find the perfect harmony between ink & skin. Enjoy these galleries from Budapest Tattoo Convention 2016 and if you’ve missed my interview with Zsófia Bélteczky, you can read it here:

Budapest Tattoo Convention 2016

Budapest Tattoo Convention 2016, Hungary.

Budapest Tattoo Convention 2016, Hungary.

Zsófia Bélteczky Gallery

More tattoo related stuff in this blog:


20 thoughts on “Budapest Tattoo Convention 2016

  1. The stage performances towards the end of your gallery made me feel a bit queasy. Not sure I could have watched those in the flesh

    • … (I hit ‘reply’ instead of ‘.’) I don’t usually end sentences without full stops.
      As I was saying… Awesome gallery! 🙂

    • That was just a “soft” freak show. There was another group that had a suspension show at the convention later that day, but we’d already headed back to the hotel by then.

  2. Fascinating stuff! You must feel extremely certain, when you have a tattoo like that done … there’s no going back 🙂

    Cardinal, have you heard of Galleri Pingvin in Oslo? An old friend of mine from back home … his son, is having an exhibition here.

  3. this is awesome… did you do the sleeve there? how long did it take btw? I wand to cover the old sleeve and do a new one, but what stops me last time it took more than a year ugh…

    awesome shots, Viking… did you use a flash or was all natural light?

    • Thanks for the comment Alexandra. A full sleeve is time-consuming. I did half of it in Bangkok and the other half in Oslo. It’s not finished yet and so far I’ve spent about 26 hours on the bench.
      I used a flash on most of the photos in the ‘Zsófia gallery’.

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