Голубой вагон Blue Wagon

Some more Cheburashka stuff for you. Obviously I found all this stuff on YouTube, except for the header image which I reused from my last post on Cheburashka.

Singer Vladimir Ferapontov .
Cheburashka, from a 1965 story by the Russian writer Eduard Uspensky. Made into animated film series by Soyuzmultfilm studio, the first episode of which was made in 1969.

Here is the lyrics in Russian- passable English translation follows;

Medlenno minuty uplyvajut v dal’,
Vstrechi s nimi ty uzhe ne zhdi.
I hotja nam proshloe nemnogo zhal’,
Luchshee, konechno, vperedi.

Skatert’ju, skatert’ju
Dal’nij put’ steletsja,
I upiraetsja prjamo v nebosklon.
Kazhdomu, kazhdomu
V luchshee veritsja…
Katitsja, katitsja
Goluboj vagon.
Mozhet my obideli kogo-to zrja,
Kalendar’ zakroet staryj list.
K novym prikljuchenijam speshim, druz’ja…
JEj, pribav’-ka hodu, mashinist!

Goluboj vagon bezhit, kachaetsja,
Skoryj poezd nabiraet hod…
Ah, zachem zhe jetot den’ konchaetsja,
Pust’ by on tjanulsja celyj god!


And slowly do the minutes tick away
Don’t you expect to find them again
Even if giving up the past is a bit sad
Everything that’s best still lies ahead
Just like a carpet, oh a carpet
A long road unfolds ahead
And it pushes up against the sky
Everyone, everyone believes in the best
Rolling & streaming ahead, a blue wagon
Unintentionally, we might have hurt someone
The calendar will forget that day
To all new escapades we are rushing my friends
Hey driver, add some extra speed

The blue wagon rolls and streams ahead
Rushing engine picking up some speed
Why, oh why, does this day have to end?
Wish it would last a whole year


14 thoughts on “Голубой вагон Blue Wagon

  1. As a Slav, I’m quite fascinated by your Russian/Soviet culture posts. How did you become interested in it? Have you been travelling in Russia?

    • No, unfortunately I’ve never had the chance to visit Russia. I’m not sure how/why I became interested in it. Probably because Cheburaska is totally awesome! Other than that, I can reveal that Norway was a communist/socialist state when I grew up. There was only one state run propaganda TV-channel and they aired several Eastern European things on kids TV: like the Polish character Colargol, plus that little Czech mole called Krtek and “A je to!, Pat a Mat”.
      We also had this little East German communist guy called Jon Blund: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandm%C3%A4nnchen

        • When I grew up we had one TV channel, two radio stations, one phone company – everything was run by the state. The practice of the state running radio stations continued until 1982. The year before that a small pirate radio station was raided by the police.

      • Well, shame on me, I didn’t realise Norway was communist at its time. That of course explains a few things, though I’m a bit younger, we were clearly exposed to the same kind of culture as kids. I adored “Nu, pogodi”!, the Soviet hare and wolf cartoon. “Krtek” and “Pat a Mat”, curiously, are still aired here, my young nephew loves those. Pat a Mat especially are classic because it’s about losers – so, it has a pretty general appeal…

        • Officially we’ve never been a communist country, but I’d say we were extremely fucking close. Anyway, leaving boring politics behind: the different Eastern European stop animation series is quality stuff!

          • I see! Well, Czechoslovakia obviously was hard-dyed communist country. I’m strangely fascinated with that era, not as much with the politics as with the way ordinary people lived their ordinary lives. Imagine that many people’s greatest ambition and hope was that there would be toilet paper in stock in the shop the next day…

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