Good Things Are Happening

Next week I’ll participate in a photo exhibition. It’s a group exhibition with more than 70 contemporary Norwegian photographers and I’m looking forward to see what the others will exhibit and how they express themselves. The exhibition is held from Monday January 25th – Sunday, 31 January at 12-17 and it makes me feel optimistic about the coming week.

Another thing that makes me feel optimistic is when I see a nice piece of ass, like this one:

Self-portrait with son in a nice piece of ass.

Self-portrait with son in a nice piece of ass.

The photo that I’ll exhibit next week is an improved version of one that I’ve posted in this blog before:

I guess that close to none of the readers of my blog will be in Oslo next week, but here’s more about the exhibition (and a couple of related links):

Photo Exhibition | Cyan: scholarship exhibition.

50 thoughts on “Good Things Are Happening

  1. Oh wow, that’s brilliant Cardinal! Very well done, must be quite an experience!

    Enjoy it, you deserve it 🙂

    Kind regards,

  2. I read it before as you know but never managed to come here to congratulate. You are right, that ass above is really nice. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thank you Malin. It went OK. I was just able to attend the opening show. It would have been better if I were able to attend all the events that took place during that week, but the kid comes before everything else. 😀

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