Portraits: Paulina

I have plenty of portraits of beautiful models and it’s a shame (no, it’s a sin!), to let them gather dust on the hard disk. That’s why I decided to post portraits for the next coming posts in this blog.

Instead of posting them one by one, I’ve divided them into models. First one up is (the title kind of revealed it already) Paulina. I’ll share more photos of her later, but for now enjoy these two shots:

Paulina by CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com

Paulina by CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com

32 thoughts on “Portraits: Paulina

    • Yes I can and thanks for asking David 🙂
      They were both shot with my Olympus (40-150 lens). Both photos were shot outside, using natural lights and reflectors. I don’t remember the settings, but I can check them out for you later when I have my Lightroom catalogue available.
      Here you can see the set-up for the second photo:

      • Excellent.
        Is that how you tend to shoot – with more around the shot than you will end up with in post-processing?

        And is that a Lastolite thingy, or similar? It looks translucent rather than opaque?

        • Thank you very much David. Normally I do most of my cropping in camera (leaving a little bit extra space for possible straightening so that the crop doesn’t end up being too tight), but in this particular shot I wanted to capture the surroundings in order to show the set-up.
          I’m not sure which brand it is (it’s not mine), but the diffuser is translucent. It worked well in this situation where we shot in bright and strong daylight. As you can see in the second photo in the post, it gives the impression of being shot in a studio. We also used the diffuser with Paulina lying in the grass (being around midday the sun was too strong).

  1. Beautiful shots of Paulina. She looks so radiant and glowing. You do great portraits, Cardinal. I’m sure you aren’t every short of models lining up in front of your camera 🙂

  2. lovely portraits… I especially like the first one, interesting contrast between her delicate beauty an the coarse brick wall in the background…

    • Thank you dear Alex. I have more shots of her with the brick background – tried out different angles/settings, etc. I haven’t had the time to process them yet, but one day I will!

    • Thanks Mr. Townend. I’m glad you found the comments useful.
      I’ll post some more portraits of Paulina after I’ve processed them. Shot some up against the brick wall, some with her lying in the grass, some sitting at a bench, on a wall and in between some trees. I have plenty of material to choose from.

        • Portraits are fun to do! I also need to develop my portrait techniques, especially when it comes to flash photography. Now that the dark season has started, I’m planning to use the autumn/winter to experiment and learn more.

          The shots in this set were done without flash, but with my Olympus camera I need to figure out all the different settings and options (I haven’t had the time to do this yet).

          When I shot the first flash photos in a studio using Olympus, I had some manual settings that turned the first photos into useless shit (only the bottom half or the top half of the photos were lit). I’m not sure what caused it, but I had to reset the camera settings to default and then tune a few things. I’ll have to experiment and figure out exactly what the problem was, so that I don’t end up in a similar situation again. In the studio it was OK, because I/we had enough time to reset and start over, but in a different situation (e.g on an outdoor shoot during sunrise/sunset or at an event) I could have risked ending up with no shots at all.

          • I also play catch up from time to time. Now I’m way behind because of a huge work load during day time, plus I’ve been spending most evenings at the gym lately. Now that my son is back, it’ll be less trips to the gym and more time for blogging during the evenings.

  3. Great portraits, Max. And very interesting technique! At first I thought you post processed to get the high key effect, until I read the comments. Well done.
    Yay to Olympus!

    • Thanks Lucile. Olympus performed, but in the studio I experienced some problems with the first flash shoots: I couldn’t figure out what it was, but I realized that it had something to do with the manual settings. After a reset things worked, but then I’d forgotten to set the camera back on RAW (jpeg is the default setting), so I ended up with a bunch of jpeg photos before I noticed.
      It was more than a bit annoying, but I’ll use this autumn/winter to learn more about the manual settings and the flash settings on Olympus to hopefully avoid a similar situation again.

  4. I read the comments and they are so far over my head.
    I will simply just enjoy the great photos you take and not try to understand the *how* 🙂

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