Monochrome From Italy

Some village near Chianni, Italia.

Some village near Chianni, Italia.

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I’ll post more photos from Italy later.

21 thoughts on “Monochrome From Italy

    • Hi Mabel. No, this was shot at night. I’ve added the dark blue afterwards. Italy was nice, but the stay was short. I’ll post a bunch of photos from there later, but first I’ll post some more from the North of Norway (I think…. I don’t really have a plan, so this might change).
      I hope that you’re having a great weekend down there in mysterious, far away, Australia. I’ve been all over the city, taking photos from 08-16 today and will go out to shoot some night shots after sunset.

      • Nice work with the sky, C. I didn’t even notice. Looking forward to your evening and night shoots. The tail end of the day is my favourite time of the day to shoot in this mysterious country I live 😀

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