Life Always Has Two Sides

Usually I forget to, or don’t have the time to, participate in Stacy Fischer’s «One Photo Focus». This week I did manage to create something (well, actually I made this 2 weeks ago and scheduled the post) out of 3 bracketed shots that was provided by Benjamin Rowe. As always you can click the image to see a large version.

Cardinal Guzman: One Photo Focus, September 2015. A cooperation between Cardinal Guzman and Benjamin Rowe.

«Life always has two sides»: One Photo Focus, September 2015. An artistic cooperation between and Benjamin Rowe.

Except for the photos from Ben, this composite image is also inspired by a t-shirt design by an unknown artist (the tree with the girl and the words “Life always has two sides” is taken from a t-shirt).
Created for Stacy Fischer’s “ABFriday One Photo Focus”. Composite image by

Here’s the original photo:

Original photo by Benjamin Rowe

Original photo by Ben Rowe.


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34 thoughts on “Life Always Has Two Sides

  1. omg, what a transformation of the photo… does it take you long to do such composite? it seems hard work to me… wow… bloody freakin 🙂
    I agree with the title too… and more than two sides sometimes…

    • Usually I work something like 2-4 hours on each composite image, but it depends on the amount of details and if I already have an idea or not. More often than not, the ideas come while I’m working on the image.

      This particular image started out as a pure HDR photo, but the result was kind of standard and boring, at which point I realized that I needed to add some death, depression and darkness to the scene, to achieve a result that I can be satisfied with.

  2. Wow, Max! So much to contemplate in your image. I have to admit I didn’t see the girl on the swing at first. Creepy juxtaposition (and I mean that in the most positive sense)! You’ve got some mad editing skills 🙂 Thanks so much for participating!

    • Thanks Stacy. I’m glad that I finally found the time to participate in your “One Photo Focus” challenge. Usually I’m too late and discover the challenge after it’s already been posted. Hopefully I can participate next month too! It’s interesting to work with photos shot by others and Ben made a vise desicion when he chose to go for a 3 bracketed shot.
      I really enjoyed working on this.

  3. Very cool! And great with Halloween around the corner haha. I did the same challenge but I like yours better! Unfortunately Stacey has discontinued the challenge and that was my first time participating so if you know of any other fun challenges send them my way!

  4. Just wow! I love the way you took this. So creative and memorable. Obviously it’s not a happy castle, especially with the tree and the swing. So well done Max. One of my art buddies would love this. It’s very much her style 😃

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