Travel Friendly Tripod

Because I’m going to Italy (my colleague is picking me up in an hour), I decided to buy a new tripod. The one I already have (Induro AKB1 | AT113)  is a very good and stable tripod, but it’s too large for travels and it ends up spending most of its time home alone.

So, this morning I went to the local toy store Scandinavian Photo and bought a Benro IT25. It can fit in a small suitcase, which means that it’s good for travelling. It’s made out of aluminium. They had some lighter carbon tripods there too, but the prices were too high. The aluminum one was something like 400 grams heavier and about 100 Euro cheaper.

In the camera bag I've packed:  
Olympus OMD EM5II
A 45mm, f1.8. Lens 
A 40-150mm, f2.8 lens
One ND8, plus one ND32 filter. 
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 with a 12-32mm f3.5

Now I’m looking forward to try out this new tripod.

Specifications for Benro IT25:  
Sections: 5
Maximum height: 1545mm
Folded: 415mm
Weight 1,61kg
Load: 6kg

Enjoy your weekend!

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33 thoughts on “Travel Friendly Tripod

  1. That’ll be plenty adequate for a mirrorless….I have a little Slik tripod that I even used to use with my D300, all 2kg of it, and it’s much better suited to my OMD mirrorless!

  2. Very, very nifty. I really hope to get my own tripod soon, a compact one if possible. Tossing up between an aluminum and a carbon fibre one. In the meantime, I’m having fun with my Gorrilapod. Have fun in Italy and with the new toy. It looks handy 🙂

  3. I approve of your equipment, probably because I have the same lenses. But you have the cool OMD which I can’t afford. Yet.

    The 45mm lens is a great lens. I tell people “you can’t take a bad picture with that lens,” but of course, a bad photographer can take a bad picture with any lens 🙂

    I’m going to take a look at your new tripod. I got a lightweight travel one a few years ago, but it’s so flimsy, I don’t like using it at all. I need something that is light, compact … but stable, too. Have fun in Italia!!

  4. I bought a manfrotto be-free tripod recently and although I haven’t taken it traveling yet, it is great for hiking and stuff. I’ll be interested to hear how this one works out. Have fun in Italy.

  5. oh, I’m so excited for you, this is great, when are you starting for Italy, how long will you be there? which places will you visit? the tripod looks nice, I’m using an old and broken second-hand one, am not even sure of its producer… maybe this is why I never venture into low-light photography lol…

    safe travels and I’ll be looking forward to the photos you take there… 🙂

    • I went on Saturday and came back last night, so it was a very short trip. Had to attend a business meeting, but managed to fit a trip to Firenze, wine tasting at a local farm and some night photography into the schedule.

        • Most of them will probably collect dust on my hard-disks forever, but I’ll post some of them as soon as I find the time to edit them… These days my son is with me, so the only time I have available is after he’s gone to bed and the other chores are done.
          In my next “Changing Seasons” post (which is scheduled to post right after midnight tonight), I decided to create a gallery on Flickr with all my excess photos. I might do the same with the photos from Italy. It saves up storage space on my WordPress account and I can post the best ones here in the blog.

          • It’s an idea I’ve been considering as well, to use Flickr to save space.
            Good to know you’re preparing the Changing Seasons.
            I’m thinking about making a post about the Sail event, which photos I never used to blog. Tough to choose as I shot so much! They’re like you you described, collecting dust!

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