From Every Angle: Self-portrait in plaster

Self-portrait in plaster

Self-portrait in plaster | Selv-portrett i gips

My internet acquaintance Shane, is the lucky guy that gets to host of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge over at WordPress. He came up with the idea to shoot a subject from every angle. This image is three photos merged into one. The subject is made out of plaster that’s been poured into a mould shaped after my face: an advanced, ancient form of self-portrait.

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24 thoughts on “From Every Angle: Self-portrait in plaster

    • No, that’s not fun at all. If you we’re a school kid at the time, I guess that you got a lot of cool drawings and youthful words of wisdom from your friends written on your plaster.

      • LOL – it wasn’t that kind of plaster 🙂

        Long before computer analysis of foot imprints was available for orthodics, it was done by plaster impressions of the foot.

    • No, I didn’t smile, but I guess I must have messed up a little bit when I made it (You apply this fat layer of vazeline on your face before making the mould, so it might have been excess vazeline here and there).

      You can’t smile, because you need to keep the wet mould on your face for a long time and you don’t want that wet mould in your mouth, so you better keep it shut and don’t smile! 😀

    • It doesn’t hurt, but as a teenager it always hurts your wild soul to sit still for a long period of time (waiting for the mould to dry), not being able to talk or see anything.

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