Another Priest, Bishop or Whatever…

In a previous post in this blog I mistook a Greek Orthodox Bishop for being an Armenian Priest. I don’t want to do the same mistake again, so this is just a photo of a priest, a bishop or whatever. He’s probably Greek… I’m not sure, but I can say for sure that he was in Jerusalem at the time that this photo was taken.

A Greek Orthodox priest, bishop or whatever..?

A Greek Orthodox priest, bishop or whatever..?

It’s a long time ago since I’ve visited Jerusalem, so you can consider this street portrait as an entry for «Paula’s Thursday’s Special: ‘traces of the past’».

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19 thoughts on “Another Priest, Bishop or Whatever…

  1. It was very nice of him to pose like this. This is a fabulous street portrait in an ancient setting. Very fitting, Max. Thank you.

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  3. this is how Eastern Orthodox monks look like, at least they look like this in Bg, though the crosses and the hats may be different in different orthodox churches, dunno… you can easily see them here, as we have the highest eastern orthodox cathedral on the Balkans built right in the center of Sofia 🙂

    such a nice portrait, so great of him to pose for you!! 🙂

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