Flowers on a Table

Flower photography is way out of my comfort zone: I’m getting old, but still not old enough to be into flower photography. For Paula’s Thursday challenge this week however, I’m willing to make an exception.

Flowers on a table, with a touch of flare in there.

Flowers on a table, with a touch of flare in there.

Got this congratulation from WordPress the other day.

I got this congratulation from WordPress the other day. I guess this means that I’ve opened up another secret level of blogging. 

61 thoughts on “Flowers on a Table

  1. Awww for making an exception for TS. Let me be the first to congratulate you on your big feat! Here is to another four!! And you don’t fool me, CG, you are a born gardener and this porn photo is a proof enough. Fabulous shot! I’m speechless!

    • You know that now I actually have only 3 plants in my apartment!?! One of them are dead and it has been dead for a long time, it probably died early last winter, but I refuse to throw it away, so it’s just sitting there in the window with its dry twigs… A huge difference from when I had the apartment with a balcony: like you know, it was like a botanical garden in there!

    • Earlier tonight I tried to make a new header, but it turned out like the produce my son leaves me in his diapers, so I uploaded an old one that I used to have when this blog was just a baby and had less than 10 followers. Then I changed the font and the text, because it’s just been set to default all the time…
      I’m a huge fan of fonts, so I’ll probably experiment some more with it.

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    • Yes, you have to be old or alternatively an amateur. It’s one of the rules photography. That and the rule of thirds. Like all other rules, following it is optional.

  3. This is such a stunning shot, Cardinal. Never knew you shot flowers. This is amazing and I’m not even a flower person. Such clarity, such warmth in this one. The sky was on show too, brilliant timing.

    Experimenting with fonts, I see. And the header too. I like it. You’re never too old to try anything 😉

    • I’ll see if I can make a new header or two this weekend (this is one is actually an old one).
      It was a great sunset the night this photo was shot, I’ll post some photos of it when I publish my large “Up North” gallery (which is coming soon-ish).

      • Good luck with the header. It took me ages to come up with my header concept. Hope you get to see a few more great sunsets while summer is still around for you 🙂

        Also, congrats on 4 years with WordPress. What a milestone and I enjoy your photography a lot.

  4. I dont see this so much as a shot of flowers… you have rather captured here a mood, a sentiment, something you have felt at that moment… something you have seen, felt and wanted to share… so it is meaningful and I love that!! the light is absolutely gorgeous btw…

    and you are not getting old, you are getting versatile : P

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    • Thank you Joanne. I ran another blog before this one (it was all crap so I deleted it), so technically speaking I’ve been on WordPress for about 7-8 years, but the first blog doesn’t really count.
      4 years of blogging is a nice anniversary. 702 posts published in this blog and 653 in my secondary blog ( adds up to 1355 posts in total.
      In other words 0,0386436 posts per hour. Wooohoo!
      I guess the natural goal now would be to push it to 0,0386722 posts per hour for the next 4 years. Hehe 😀

      • I’ve known a few very long term bloggers. I’m really impressed by the creative continuity.
        You are the only long term bloggers I’ve known who never goes back into the archive and re-posts.

        • Re-posts are boring. “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way” like someone said. Re-posting old stuff doesn’t nurture one’s creativity, that’s my opinion.
          On a few occasions I have re-processed a few old photos (two posts with night photos from the Açores, plus a post called “A re-make of The Grinding Mills at Leine”), so I have kind of re-posted, but with a different and better processing than the first time: previously posted photos, but with a new look.

          • … and you’re the only blogger who’s met Gilles.
            He’s not understood this whole blogging thing, but after meeting you he’s been more interested in hearing stories and comments about other bloggers.
            I wonder how long it will last 🙂

  6. Wow! That is a stunning image. I am not typically a ‘flower photo’ person either, but I am all about light, contrast, water, sun, and art. This has it all going on. Lovely!

    Happy Anniversary

  7. This is a gorgeous shot, especially for one who isn’t into flower photography.

    I like flowers … most of the time they stand still when I want to photograph them, and that’s more than I can say about birds 🙂

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