Creepy Taj Mahal

A fun photo challenge from WordPress this week with the theme “Creepy“.

My B&W creepy version of Taj Mahal

My B&W creepy version of Taj Mahal

P.S. I’ve opened an instaspam account. Most of the likes I’ve gotten so far has been from spammers (except from some from real life friends & some other bloggers), so instaspam seems like a more appropriate name than instagram. Anyway, if you also have an instaspam account, you can add me:
My profile is open and public now, but if I continue to experience spam, I’ll set it to private.

P.P.S. I’ll probably be posting more stuff for the challenge this week.

42 thoughts on “Creepy Taj Mahal

  1. Wow … this sure looks creepy enough. I can’t come up with any …

    Just followed you on Instagram. Was lucky enough to get my user name there..

  2. Cool effect, and what is creepy is that Instagram stuff. I opened an account, have like four photos up, and don’t do anything with it. Don’t even know if I’m being spammed, except that one time I did look!

    • I uploaded a lot of photos there now that I opened the account (because it’s boring to follow someone if they only have like 3 photos there). While I was busy uploading photos, I got some followers and some likes, so I checked out the profiles, but all my first “ilkers” had similar profiles that read:
      “Wanna date someone in your local area? Check out http://www.fuckingspam/blah/blah
      So, my first reaction was that instagram was nothing but a fancy word for instaspam.
      Now, a couple of days later, I have likers and followers that came via my blogs and real life and the spammers seem to have disappeared (for the moment).
      Instagram seems cool enough. My idea is to share more personal photos there, stuff that I won’t be posting in the blog or on Flickr.

      • More personal photos…that sounds interesting. I would think I would post less personal photos. We’ll see how this turns out!!

        • Usually the photos i post in my blog(s) (I have one @ too) aren’t very personal: general photos of Oslo, graffiti, etc, etc…

  3. Ooh I was curious to see what you might come up with and the title made me
    Even more curious but wow I love this. A touch of gothic but beautiful or maybe I like scary too much nene. Ps just requested follow on instaSPAM hehe

  4. love it, Viking!! it’s more like hauntingly beautiful to me than creepy 🙂 very artsy… !! are you working in photoshop?

    thanks for adding me to Instaspam, which is really a very appropriate name lol… most of my followers are people who want to sell me something or followers who promise to increase my followers lol… I am increasingly annoyed with this so am less and less active there, and I set up the account only a couple of weeks back lol… maybe will set it to private too…

    • Thank you very much beautiful! Yes, I use Photoshop.
      I have some of those in my feed too: “tag your friends, add this & that site/person, get thousands of followers etc, etc”. Who wants to be followed by other spam sites anyway?
      Luckily, now the majority of my followers are friends and other bloggers. You should definitely set your instaspam to private.

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