Pride Parade Oslo 2015

These photos were shot at the Gay Pride Parade in Oslo, June 2015. A festival also known as The Brown Staking & Carpet Licking Festival.

23 thoughts on “Pride Parade Oslo 2015

  1. So many wonderful shots. My favorite is 571. It’s a masterpiece. I love a good parade. My two favorites in NYC were the The Pride Parade and The Halloween Parade. Wish I’d been snapping when I lived there. Question. What was with the American Flags?

  2. I love that they call it Pride Parade other than just Gay Parade. It takes a lot for them to be real in this society we have… negative, judgmental, critical, close-minded society. Just imagine the life stories each of them have … from confusion, social manuevers, adjusting to their environment and the people around them, coming out to their parents, etc. It’s good to be real. They really should be PROUD of it.
    PS: I’m loving that “Same Love” song and video.

    • Yes, it’s easier for heteros, we don’t have to come out of any closet or try to hide who we are (like I guess that most gays do at some point of their lives).

  3. Epic gallery! Looks like a load of fun 🙂 Our Pride Parade is itty bitty…literally about 5 minutes long…but so full of love and fun and pure pride. The times, they are a changing! It’s been a long time coming, but man am I grateful to be alive and out and proud right now. Good times ❤

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