Açores Night Photo Gallery

Enjoy these night shots from the Açores. Some remakes, some new.


More here:

18 thoughts on “Açores Night Photo Gallery

  1. I definitely need to do some night shooting … but that requires a city trip and there’s no city around here. Just cows. And trees. And rivers. Hard to shoot them at night. Great pictures!!

    • I was there three years ago, but it seems like a life-time ago.
      I love night photography! I’ll see if I can fit some night photographing into my non-existing schedule this coming weekend (with nothing yet planned, it should be easy).

  2. I wanted to email you but coulnd’t find a contact page? Just wanted to say I’ve been soooo so busy that I completely missed June I apologise, I am going to try my best to get July before I go on hols x

    • I’ve been busy in June too, no worries.
      You have my email adress already. Check your wordpress dashboard under comments. There you have email adresses to everyone that’s left a comment in your blog.

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