Double exposures plus some street

Enjoy these double exposures plus some street photography. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. It’s almost finished now, but it will return in less than a week.

Check out Paula’s B&W Sunday post:

36 thoughts on “Double exposures plus some street

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  3. Love the BW double exposures. Really like the man and dog one. Both of them don’t look like they are best friends, but I could be wrong. Ah yes, the weekend is less than a week away. Positive thinking, and positive vibes to you, Cardinal.

    • Yes, you’re wrong: they’re best friends (at least it looked like that to me). Good friends enjoying a morning walk together.
      Now the weekend is even closer than what it was!

  4. I truly love the one of the milk bar…that is the street one, (not double exposure). The two…rather, three different surface textures are very dynamic. Too bad you can’t put the girl from photo four in the shot of the street!

    • It’s technically possible to transfer her from the studio and into the streets, but it’s a lot of work and who would put a beautiful woman like that out on the streets?!? 🙂

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