A Drunken Night in Krakow

Drinking and photographing. Point& shoot camera. Krakow Night Life. I’ll let the pictures tell the story of this photographic journey through the night…

This is my entry for Paula’s Thursday Challenge, but several of my other blogging friends have also posted street portraits/street photography the last days, so I encourage you to visit their posts too:

36 thoughts on “A Drunken Night in Krakow

  1. I looked at the whole gallery twice 🙂 A lot of candid people shots, some great low angles of streets, and those weird mannequins 😀 Terrific!

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  4. These new little point & shoot cameras are really good. Surprisingly good. As are, of course, your pictures. Does the camera shoot black & white or do you have to convert it later?

    • I’ve converted these later, but it should be possible to get B&W straight out of the camera (I haven’t checked it actually). My new P&S camera has interchangable lenses, so I can use the lenses from my Olympus on it.

  5. Great set. Interesting graffiti. I wonder what happened between 1973 and 2010.

    Who’s the girl in the bra? Was that a poster somewhere?

  6. Amazing set of photos of your town at night. People unwinding and going about their own business. Just like you and your camera… 😉 I have to agree with Mofman – is that girl from a poster or an advertisement? Looking sultry there.

    If I needed a photographer, I wouldn’t mind hiring you after you’ve had one too many drinks. Excellent work, and hope you have a good weekend.

    • I really wish that I had a wild, sexy, crazy story to tell about that photo, but she’s just a poster girl from a random shop window… I can easily be hired as a photographer, especially after too many drinks!

  7. these are absolutely brilliant shots, Cardinal!! ima becoming such a huge fan of your street photoraphy lately… very real and spontaneous… damn, I need to try making night shots… you are so inspiring!!
    thanks for the mention too 🙂

      • so this past weekend I tried to apply your drink-and-shoot approach lol 🙂 but I got only the drinking part right lol 😀 this next weekend I plan to go for the shooting part 🙂

        but, seriously, your photos are inspiring indeed!! have a great week, Cardinal!!

  8. You really caught the feeling of night time wanderings . As it is . Splendid shots . Those angles must have been quite tricky at times 😉

  9. I LOVE THIS! The Gallery is wicked creative. Lots of evocative images. It really captures that after midnight feel in a city. Excellent work, CG.

    • Thank you Petal, I’m pleased with the new point&shoot camera. It’s in a different league than my old one. Unfortunately I forgot the flash at the hotel room that night, but next time…

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