Photo Session with Magda

Here’s the first shot I’ll share with you of Magda. I’ll share some more when I have processed them, but I have a lot of photos to process and not so much time… Magda is an amazing model to work with. She’s professional and she has a magic sparkle in her eyes.

Magda by

Magda by

You can check out her portfolio @

31 thoughts on “Photo Session with Magda

    • Thank you very much Allan. The personality is a very important aspect (perhaps a underrated?) when it comes to portrait photography. With that personal connection both the model and the photographer feels more comfortable and it’s easier for the model to ‘flirt with the camera’.

  1. I was looking forward to the shots from your weekend 🙂
    love the light, it’s a great low-key portrait..and her posing is fabulous…

    • Thank you Alexandra. There’s more shots on the way. Magda is very professional and had a lot of poses in her repertoire, which made her very comfortable to work with.

  2. What a photo… and what a model!
    You’re right about her sparkling eyes , but I also love her hair and how you captured It!
    Her posing is stunning!

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