Portraits of Monika & Pamela

Model photography is on my schedule this coming weekend and I’m really looking forward to try out the new cameras in a different setting than usual. I thought I’d share a few model photos with you. These were shot with my ‘old camera’ two years ago. If your boss/management is retarded, one of these shots is probably NSFW and if it’s so, I suggest that you immediately change your job or even better: fire your boss/management!

You can check out Monikas stuff here: https://www.facebook.com/gebalamonika

33 thoughts on “Portraits of Monika & Pamela

  1. NSFW is indeed such an odd concept. I haven’t worked in a traditional office setting since before the internet became a thing, and find myself reminded of the concept by others from time to time. 🙂

  2. You had me stumped with NSFW … thank you Mr Google for the translation. 🙂
    I spent 12 years working in privacy and security (yeah, I was one of those) and never heard this expression before now.

  3. Very nice … studio? I used to both model (when a body was needed) and shoot (when someone else volunteered). I liked studio work, though I didn’t get to do nearly enough of it. Nice work! Like the black and white.

  4. are these studio shots? love the light in the last one… and am lookin forward to what you will come up with after this weekend 🙂

    • Yes, they’re studio shots. I’m looking forward to be shooting in a studio again. I don’t have my own, so it’s always fun when you get the chance to experiment in a studio.

    • Thanks Lignum. I had a great time shooting both in studio and on locations. Results will be posted in the blog at some point. Hope you had a great weekend too!

    • Thanks a lot Rommel. There’s more stuff like this coming shortly. Just finished some photo shoots this weekend, so now I’ll have to organize the shots, delete, edit etc.

  5. Cardinal, I live in a place where if they knew that was on a site, they’d block the site. In my real life, I lean toward your philosophy. But you can’t fire a government. These are all nice shots. I like the NSNW best. But no, I would not gander at it at work!

      • I wouldn’t say horrible, sort of like living in the Bible Belt of the US…high-stakes morality is all. And it’s not just a government, it’s a whole culture…nobody’s changing this for a while.

        • For me it would have been a total nightmare to live in such a place, but I’m glad to hear that it doesn’t feel horrible for you and I agree that it’s difficult to change a whole culture – these things take generations and in some cases, not even that helps.

          • Oh, it’s no nightmare, and it’s like any place…there are good things and bad. And nobody’s changing 3000 years of culture overnight.

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