MM: Fountain @ Rådhuskaia

This fountain is located on the sea-side of Oslo’s City Hall. The building in the background is Nobel Peace Center. My entry for Leanne Cole’s “Monochrome Madness” challenge that’ll be online in approximately 6 hours from now.

Fontene på Rådhuskaia, Oslo.

Fontene på Rådhuskaia, Oslo.

Edit: Leanne’s Monochrome Madness is online now:

Make sure to check out Justine’s “Perspective” post too:

32 thoughts on “MM: Fountain @ Rådhuskaia

      • I was wondering because I’ve seen pictures of the Nobel Peace Center interior before and it did’t seem to correspond to this building. I guess the images I saw were of the old station.

        This is the first time I’ve seen any of these places from the outside.

        • I think that the official ceremony is being held at the City Hall. I’m not sure about it, but some tourist told me. I’ve never been inside the Nobel Peace Center, because a former politician started this place, it costs money to go inside and I don’t want to support his hypocracy financially. Kjell Magne Bondevik dragged us into two wars the two times he served as a prime minister, while his official public image is all about Jesus, peace and understanding…

    • Thanks Paula.
      I’m actually glad that I posted the Nobel Peace Centre too, because this one of the buildings that represents the hypocritical and disgusting side of Norway:

      The Nobel Peace Centre that gave US President Obama the peace prize, two weeks after his inauguration as a president (the Nobel comitee decides who gets the price long before they hand it over)…
      What did Obama do for world peace during his two first weeks as a president???

      A year or two later, when chinese Liu Xiaobo got the price, “Norway” (“Norway” as in the politicians and the media that’s telling us how we’re supposed to think) was surprised over China’s reaction to it. China said that it was a political statement, but “Norway” was confused because the peace price has nothing to do with official Norwegian politics… (that’s probably why the whole government, the “king” & the “queen” is there… “Nothing political going on here. Go back to work slaves people”).
      They also gave the peace price to Al Gore and paid him to fly around the world in his private jet to warn people about man-made global warming. Mean while, Norway was (is still?) paying third-world countries “Carbon credits” – paying corrupt politicians in other countries so that we can continue to pollute more, while they supposedly pollute less.

      Sometimes this country and the people in it just makes me sick to the stomach and I wish that they all die from a plague.

      (You have now officially witnessed my hard side – ref:

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