Açores Photo Gallery – Faial Island

The photos in the following gallery were shot in the area near Terminal Maritimo in Horta, Faial Island, Açores, Portugal.

f/1.8 | 30 sec | ISO-100 (of course you can click the image for a large version)

f/1.8 | 30 sec | ISO-100 (of course you can click the image for a large version)

I’ve posted many of these before, but I’ve re-edited the photos in this gallery.

35 thoughts on “Açores Photo Gallery – Faial Island

  1. Beautiful images. All very crisp. I love the last one, very dreamy feel about it. Those are very low clouds and they make the sky look like it’s sinking. I went out for a walk at night the other day after work in the city with my Canon G7X. I really wished I had a tripod then 😀

    • You can get a lot of cool photos with a high ISO too, but a tripod is really a must have. It’s probably the only equipment that I think everyone should have for their camera.

      • As you inferred, a higher ISO means more noise which I think many of us would rather avoid in some situations. Tripods don’t come cheap. Time to start saving. Hope you’ve had a good week Cardinal. The weekend’s not far off 🙂

        • Yes, it means more noise, but sometimes noise can be a good thing – for example if it’s a photo shot in a bar, it can add this old, grainy film feel to the scene.

    • Thanks. It felt a bit magical to get the shot right too: it was so dark that I couldn’t actually see the volcano, so I had to try & fail a few times to get it right.

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