Details from The Stave Church @ Folkemuseet

This is a follow-up post for one I wrote a month ago and an entry to Paula’s challenge. Read the story behind this stave church in the original post: The Stave Church @ Folkemuseet.










30 thoughts on “Details from The Stave Church @ Folkemuseet

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  2. WOW! I have a whole different appreciation for this building now. The detail is stunning! Every photo offered something new to amaze … I would be hardpressed to pick a favourite.
    Great idea to do a followup on your original post.

  3. Nice photos with details of the church, that are difficult to see when you are standing in front of it, just looking at it. I went to the museum many summers ago and really enjoyed it!

  4. Great details, and I’m really intrigued about the shape of the roof tiles; the type of echelon pattern they create, even on a curved surface. I’ve never seen that before in architecture.

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