A Study of Ice

47 thoughts on “A Study of Ice

  1. Excellent. Love how you presented the ice as a piece of contemporary sculpture. Beautiful sequence.
    Thanks very much for providing a link to my post.

    • Thank you. I thought it would be nice to put them up against the sun to capture the rays and play with the light. It’s always nice to link to other relevant posts, expand the ‘blogosphere’.

    • It’s all about perspective, but I guess that the largest one in these shots was about 50 centimeters. We smashed some large chunks of ice into smaller pieces, but the largest ones were to difficult to handle as they were quite heavy.

  2. A stunning study! Wow! The ones with the blue sky and clouds are particularly effective. And the b&w with the bubbles inside – so uniform in pattern. Stunning.

  3. Everything that was already said!

    I guess what really struck me the most was how clean and clear the ice was. I can’t say I’ve ever seen big ice crystals like that … I’m used to ice that looks really grunchy by the spring comes.

    • Yes, the ice in these shots is pretty clean, but it depends on how the winter has been. Sometimes it freezes, then gets mild again so that the layer of ice gets a thin layer of water on top of it. If you then also get a wind and there’s not much snow, it can blow all kinds of twigs and leaves onto the water before it freezes again. But this ice is fine and dandy!

    • Thanks. It’s actually pretty easy. The hard part was to make the ice stand like I wanted it to and for long enough to get a decent photo. I really struggled with the first photo (4488 that looks like a fish head): it kept falling down before I got the shot, so I had to put it back in place, wipe my hands before I could shoot (the hands get wet from handling the ice and my camera isn’t water proof) and by then it had already fallen down again and again.

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