32 thoughts on “Me & My Girlfiend

    • I know. That’s why I dumped her. She was scary and she never ate anything in front of me or anyone I know either: she was a weird guest to bring to dinner parties – always so silent.

      • Oh gawd. I have heard about people like that…who won’t eat in front of others. Seriously sad. Food is such a social plus. Very good idea of yours to dump and run. 😉

    • Thanks. A quick Photoshop job with a few layers. I didn’t really put too much effort in it (accuracy and lighting) since it’s just a low-resolution image for posting online.

  1. Hi Cardinal. It is a very well composed self portrait. I like it. I browsed through the first photos in the link you sent. Fantastic. Thanks for the tip.

  2. The innocence of a childhood sweethearts. Sort of Andy Hardy meeting Wednesday Addams. 🙂

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